The latest version of our App is out!

We’re really excited to announce the release of our latest App update, which we hope will make CleanSpace users’ experience of our App even better! Keep reading to find out what’s new and improved in CleanSpace 2.6.

New Features

 – Improved pairing process, better connectivity to the CleanSpace Tag and improved visibility of the ‘Boost Readings’ process.

 – Ability to see your location and Air Quality, even if the smartphone doesn’t have a gyroscope.

 – Get more readings with your CleanSpace Tag now sampling every 10 minutes!

 – Find the quickest route to your destination with Moovit: Your Public Transport Guide.

 – Reduced battery consumption.

 – Firmware updates to stabilise Tag and App connection.

We’ve also made some changes to the app interface, including moving the tracking button, launching an easy to use link to our new partner Moovit, and a slight change to the Tag pairing process. You will also be asked to update your firmware, which may take longer than the usual pairing process so we recommend enabling this when you have the time.

Tracking button

One change to the app is that the tracking switch is no longer located on the app home screen. If you would like to continue tracking your journeys, click the top left hand corner of your screen, go to settings, and turn the tracking switch on. On some devices, particularly the iPhone 5, you may have to scroll down to access it.


This change has been made to improve the visualization of home screen functions and contribute to a more seamless user experience.

Firmware 1.9

The new version of Tag firmware looks to improve user experience with Tag pairing, downloading Air Pollution measurements and Boosting air quality readings.

In CleanSpace 2.6 users will be notified to update the firmware by an in-app notification message. Users should click on ‘Update Now’ and wait a few minutes for the process to complete.


Tag Pairing process

Whilst CleanSpace 2.6 looks to facilitate Tag pairing and speed it up, the Tag pairing process in itself will remain unchanged.

During the pairing process, however, we have added some guidance as to what should be done in the case of a pairing error.

General guidance on setting up your Tag can still be found here:


CleanSpace partners with Moovit: the #1 transit app worldwide

Try out journey planning with our new parter Moovit, just click the link in you Cleanspace App menu


If you have any questions or experience any issues please do contact us at and we’ll be happy to help.