The CleanSpace App gets an update with the new Tagcorder

At CleanSpace we’re always keen to receive feedback from our members on what will make their experience better. We’ve listened to your comments over recent months, and we’re pleased to announce that the CleanSpace App has undergone some significant changes which are now active on iPhones and available in the coming weeks on Android. These updates mean that, as well as being able to see air pollution across your day, we’ve made it easier to instantly check what you are breathing at the push of a button. This is to give you a better understanding of your current exposure to air pollution, as well as your overall exposure over time, so you can adapt your journeys to avoid air pollution both inside and outdoors.

This is all thanks to the new CleanSpace Tagcorder. This new update gives you an accurate reading from the CleanSpace Tag for that very moment, at the push of a button. When the ‘Boost Readings’ button within the app is pressed, the Tagcorder analyses the air around the Tag, and notifies you once the analysis has been carried out, showing detailed readings of air pollution levels from the last five minutes on the Air Graph.


The Tagcorder is just one of the new updates that are being rolled out by CleanSpace. Now, we’ll automatically notify you if you’ve been exposed to high air pollution. Also, if you live or work in London you can receive daily pollution updates on Twitter by following us @CleanSpaceLDN.

If you don’t already have a Tag to help you see the air you breathe, you can buy one here:

Thanks to everyone who has joined CleanSpace and is taking steps to understand air pollution and its effects on our health. The first step is knowledge, the second step is action – so we can all improve the world we live in. Thanks also for all the great feedback along the way. We hope you enjoy these new updates!

Let us know how you get on and remember to share your Tagcorder readings with us on social media, using the hashtag #SeeTheAirYouBreathe.

Best wishes,

The Drayson Technologies team

Creators of CleanSpace