#SeeTheAirYouBreathe Winners Announced!

Thanks to everyone who entered our recent #SeeTheAirYouBreathe competition!

We loved your entries – there was a mix of stunning photography and eye opening Air Map shots. It just goes to show that even if it’s a beautiful day – the air pollution levels may not be quite so lovely.

So without further ado, we would like to announce our winner and runner up!

The Runner Up is… Kevin on Facebook!

We loved the use of the 360 degree photo – very creative! It was also refreshing to see such great air quality in the London area (it does happen occasionally!).

Kevin has won a £50 Amazon voucher, a CleanSpace Tag and a year’s membership to the World Photography Organisation!

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 16.46.13

(Drum roll please…)

The winner is… @Patrick_WC on Twitter!

We chose this entry as the winner because we thought the juxtaposition between the high air pollution levels on the Air Map and the beautiful photo of a sunset on a clear London evening was really effective. It’s the complete optimisation of what our #SeeTheAirYouBreathe campaign was all about. It proves that even though it may look inviting outside, it’s important to be aware of the air pollution levels as looks can sometimes be deceiving.

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 16.46.33

Luckily, Patrick will now be in the know when it comes to choosing clean routes around London as we are sending him a CleanSpace Tag. We will also be sending him a £100 Amazon voucher and a year’s membership to the World Photography Organisation.

Thanks to everyone else who entered – you will all be receiving a year’s membership to the WPO as you’ve all clearly got awesome photography skills that are worthy showing off. Please email us at hello@clean.space to claim your prize.

Thanks again for your participation.

The Drayson Technologies Team

Creators of CleanSpace