Reduce your exposure to air pollution and ‘Keep it in the Green’

You’ll probably have heard of the Royal College of Physicians’ report – ‘Every Breath We Take: The lifetime impact of air pollution’ – that was published on the 23rd February, or some of the related news coverage off the back of it.

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You may be shocked by the fact that there’s more than 40,000 deaths each year in the UK that are attributable to both indoor and outdoor air pollution. Whilst we know this fact is quite alarming, it was reassuring to read that one of the ways to take action against air pollution was to monitor it effectively – this is exactly what we’re doing with the CleanSpace Tag.

Measuring air pollution levels and sending this data directly to our members’ phones is helping our community to keep tabs on where they’re most exposed to carbon monoxide, allowing them to avoid the worst of it – this data then also feeds into our map of air pollution, so that everyone else can benefit from your Tag’s readings.

We want to make sure that everyone who is receiving their personal air pollution readings in the App feels empowered to make a change, rather than worried, as a result of what they’re seeing in their Air Graph. Therefore, we have pulled together a list of hints and tips that can help you to reduce your air pollution exposure. You can see the full list here.

This means that now when you see peaks in your Air Graph, you can take action to reduce the spikes of carbon monoxide – whether that’s by ventilating your house regularly, or by avoiding hotspots of pollution caused by traffic congestion. Little behaviour changes such as these can have a hugely positive impact on the air you breathe, and will put you at less risk from the long term health damage caused by air pollution.

Have you got another tip to reduce or avoid air pollution exposure? Noticed a small lifestyle change made your Air Graph significantly more green? Let us know and we’ll feature the best ones on our Tips page! Tweet us @CleanSpace or email us at


The Drayson Technologies Team

Creators of CleanSpace