Map London Stories

We’re thrilled to see the passion and commitment we’ve seen from the teams and individuals who joined our Map London initiative, and wanted to share some of their testimonials with you. Share your Map London story with us on our Twitter or Facebook pages to be featured here!


“We are a group of residents from King’s Cross, fighting the possible re-installation of traffic lights on a nearby busy section of Caledonian road. 

In November 2014, a one-way traffic system was changed to two-way, and traffic lights were installed. The increase in idling traffic coincided with several residents being diagnosed with asthma for the first time. According to our doctors the rise in vehicular air pollution likely caused this, and so we were thrilled to have the system recently reversed. With the possibility of the lights being re-installed when changes are made to the King’s Cross gyratory,  we were delighted to receive our CleanSpace Tags as they will really help our campaign by allowing us to monitor air pollution levels.” Lynne from @CallySouth


Cleanspace is a brilliant project and using the tag with the app gives me a clear look at the pollution I’m breathing in daily.Using the Cleanspace Tag to compare cycling at rush hour to quiet hours shows just how much pollution you’re inhaling on your daily commute.
I’m proud to be part of a project working to clean up London’s air quality.”  @Dario006


“I love running and cycling to work, CleanSpace map helps me find the least air polluted route” @AdamFreemanPask


“Using the CleanSpace Tag on my cycle commute has made me aware just how much poorer the air quality is than I thought.” @dipeshbhoola


“I’ve always know that London was polluted, but I still choose to cycle every day. Using the CleanSpace app and tag helps me monitor just how bad it is and to see how changes in weather, school holidays etc make a difference.” @Fussellface


“As a 14 mile a day cycle commuter my CleanSpace app and tag have been invaluable in planning both my route, whether I need to wear my mask and how much I exert myself. The air can get rather chewy at times and having accurate and up to date info not only helps me but I also feel like I’m doing my bit towards raising the issues by being a mobile pollution mapper.” The_IGR


“I’ve enjoyed seeing how air quality varies on my travels. The CleanSpace app is easy to use and the tag just slips in my bag, so it’s a simple way to monitor air pollution. I hope it helps drive change.” @M_windridge