Help us on the path to cleaner air!

As you may already know, the CleanSpace App uses machine learning software, or AI (Artificial Intelligence), if you will. Using such advanced technology comes with a few minor obstacles to overcome…

Naturally, when going through education, you may make a few mistakes along the way – that’s all part of the process. The testing phase prior to the App release was essentially the school years – it passed with flying colours so has now moved onto University. This basically means it’s now out in the real world, but does require a little guidance here and there. That is why we need you to help us give the CleanSpace App a little helping hand, by validating your journeys.

Here at CleanSpace HQ we’re doing everything we can to make sure the journey prediction software is as accurate as possible and are constantly correcting any slight errors – lots of “Thanks, CleanSpace, but I’m actually just a fast cyclist – I haven’t got an engine!” type moments. However, the more we correct the App, the quicker it can graduate from AI University and become the best that it can be in its CleanMile tracking career.

Essentially, what we’re trying to get at here – silly school references aside – is that we would love for more people to become Advanced Testers, because the more of you that are helping the App learn about journey prediction, the better experience everyone will have with the App, and the better we’ll become at reducing global air pollution!

The AI software is designed to learn as you and other people use it. However, because the smartphone will sometimes lose network connection or the GPS signal during a journey, the App will not be able to fully track the journey and you will not be credited with Clean Miles in this case. The App will sometimes not be able to track the journey at all and this journey will then not show up in your journey record. In some cases, it may not award you with the full amount of CleanMiles because for example, it may confuse fast cycling with driving, even though it tracked you perfectly. (We have been amazed how fast some of our CleanSpace members’ cycle and we are busy adapting the software to keep up!).

Unlike some other tracking apps that sometimes fill in the gaps in journeys, the CleanSpace App has been designed to fully verify and validate each and every journey you make. This is important to ensure you get the most accurate air quality data, giving you reliable information on the pollution you are breathing at that time and location. For this reason, the App won’t fill in gaps in your journeys, as that may compromise the accuracy of the information you receive on air pollution.

Most journeys will be tracked and validated correctly, but it won’t ever be 100% accurate. You can help train the App by logging into and clicking the Validate My Journeys link at the bottom of the menu options. You will then be able to verify your journeys yourself by correcting any errors the App has made. The more you validate your journeys, the better the App will become at correctly predicting your future journeys, and in turn will award you with more CleanMiles.

Plus, any missed CleanMiles personally verified will be automatically credited to you. This may take up to 20 minutes to show up on your account. The App will also learn from your correction, as the verification process is helping to train the artificial intelligence software in the CleanSpace App, meaning it will learn from its mistakes and become more accurate in future.

The more you validate your journeys, the better the App will become at correctly predicting your future journeys, and in turn will award you with more CleanMiles.

Thanks for your continued support in these early stages.

The CleanSpace Team