Goodies for doing good

We all love a good reward, don’t we? I mean, the reward of happy lungs and reducing global air pollution is definitely the best reward going, but the odd freebie along the way to improving our air certainly doesn’t hurt, right?


So, we just wanted to make sure the Rewards section of the CleanSpace App makes sense to you, as there is a lot going on there, as we have a lot of rewards for you, which is a good thing surely!

Now let’s walk you through…

Go to the Rewards tab in the CleanSpace App. You’ll first land on the Milestones screen.


Every time you make clean travel choices, you will receive CleanMiles, and along the way you’ll hit various milestones. This is when you’ll be able to unlock those all important rewards. The first milestone is at 15 CleanMiles – it comes round quicker than you think, we promise!

If there’s a padlock over your reward, then that means you haven’t reached that milestone yet – all you need to do is simply travel some more CleanMiles until it becomes unlocked. If you think it should be unlocked and it isn’t, please get in touch at and we can investigate.

Now moving onto the next tab – Tiers.


Tier points are earned for the devotion you have shown to the movement. So it’s not just how many CleanMiles you travelled, but the amount of effort that went into doing so and the frequency that you travel cleanly. Walking, running and cycling are great ways of helping you on your way up to the next tier. You’ll begin at Bronze tier, but as you start travelling cleanly you’ll start earning tier points to move yourself on up to Silver, then Gold and finally Platinum tier… At which point you’ll probably cry some happy tiers. (Sorry)

Now we also have a lot of lovely offers for you too…


Our partners offer exclusive discounts and deals for CleanSpace members which can be redeemed no matter how many CleanMiles you have, or what tier you are in. These will change regularly so make sure you keep checking back as we don’t want any cases of FOMO happening.

We saved the best ‘til last… The Bonus offers!


You’ll be able to redeem a super Bonus offer once you’ve gone above and beyond for the CleanSpace movement – whether that’s inviting your friends or answering a survey of ours. We’ll also throw in the odd Bonus reward if we’re feeling especially generous, such as a free coffee for going just one extra CleanMile. They’re just little treats to keep you happily walking/running/cycling along the CleanSpace path.

So, that’s the Rewards tab for you! Like what you see? Have any Rewards you’d like to see in the future? Let us know at and we’ll see what we can do ;-).


The CleanSpace Team.