CleanSpace maps air pollution around the world!

We’re so thrilled with the results of our Map London initiative that we’ve expanded into Mexico and San Francisco Bay Area! We’re excited to be seeing our CleanSpace community grow around the globe, so soon everyone will be able to #SeeTheAirYouBreathe.

Here are some stories from our community around the world:

Map San Francisco Bay Area


Cibo coffee shop in Sausolito, San Francisco, is an ardent supporter of CleanSpace. This is Estefani, who commutes from Vallejo to Sausolito. She wants to know how clean the air is, and was surprised to see for herself how clean it was in Vallejo!

– Estefani, San Francisco

Map Mexico


“I found out that I’m not alone, I’ve always been interested in the air I breathe. There’s a lot of pollution in my city, so I want to make a change. The first step is to be mindful, then to take action.”

– Jennifer Medina, Mexico City

Map London


“I love running and cycling to work, CleanSpace map helps me find the least air polluted route”

– @AdamFreemanPask, UK


If you’d like to join up and help us to map air pollution, get in touch via @CleanSpaceLDN@CleanSpaceUSA or @CleanSpaceMex!