From CrowdfundeR to CrowdfundeD!

If you follow us on social media, then you may have noticed a certain little(!) Crowdfunder campaign that we were running… Well, we only went and smashed our £100k target! The overwhelming amount of support we received, from both the UK and beyond, just proves to us that there is a huge interest in reducing air pollution.

So now, as you can imagine, we’re pretty excited that this is the start of something special, as we begin seeding the CleanSpace air quality sensor network, and start giving individuals the power to see their personal air pollution exposure – and do something about it.

Not only are we doing great things for the air we breathe with the help of the Tags, but we’re also revolutionising technology, as the Tags are powered by Freevolt. You may have already heard about Freevolt in the news, or read about it in our recent blog post, but it essentially means that the Tags never need charging as they are powered by unused energy in the radio frequency waves in the air around us (i.e. Wi-Fi or cellular). Pretty neat, even if we do say so ourselves!

We’re hoping to make a real impact with the CleanSpace Tags, not just in the tech world, or for the health conscious, but for everyone. We all need to pay attention to the quality of the air we are breathing, whether indoors or outside and especially when in cities.  By creating a crowd-sourced network of personal air quality sensors we will be able to provide everyone with useful, up to the minute information on air pollution. The more people have Tags, the bigger the network – the better the information for everyone. It’s as simple as that. We’ve made a great start – with almost 2,000 Tags ordered as part of the Crowdfunder campaign. However, the more we can spread the word and get more people to join the network, the bigger impact we can all have to bring air pollution levels down.

So, let’s keep walking, running and cycling for cleaner air!

The CleanSpace Team