Commute Smarter this Earth Day

On Saturday 22nd April, more than one billion people around the world will celebrate Earth Day, taking part in a variety of activities in celebration of our wonderful planet.

This year’s Earth Day campaign is for increased environmental education; something close to our heart here at CleanSpace. We recognise the importance in providing the tools to educate people about air pollution levels, wherever they are.

So what are you doing to mark Earth Day 2017? One simple step can be choosing to walk, cycle or take public transport on your daily travels. Thankfully, our recent partnership with Moovit, the world’s #1 public transit app, can help make planning your route simpler than ever.

Here’s our top tips for getting about and doing your bit for Earth Day 2017:

Know your route – Whether planning a new route or checking if there are any issues on your usual one, our partnership with Moovit gives users access to accurate public transit data, providing you with efficient and useful tools to make commuting easier. Take advantage of step-by-step GPS guidance along your route to ensure that you’re always on the right path.


Plan a clean air route – Avoid air pollution hotspots by checking your Air Map before you travel, allowing you to take the cleanest routes on your journey.


Make your journey easier – Minimise the stress of travelling by making use of Moovit’s helpful push notifications and audio alerts, such as the ‘Get off’ alert. Simply zone out and enjoy your journey!



See the air you breathe – If you feel like the air you’re breathing on your commute isn’t quite as clean as you were expecting, carry a CleanSpace Tag with you so you can see the air you breathe in your personal air graph.


Optimise you commute – Wondering whether a route you’ve just taken was highly polluted? You can view your journeys in your App to see which sections were clean, and which you should try to divert from next time.


Moovit provides accurate public transport data from both official transit updates and crowdsourced data to make your journeys easier. Check your CleanSpace App for our link to the Moovit app in the CleanSpace menu.